Monday, April 14, 2008

So Long Arsenal 2007/2008 Season, So Long's over. Wenger conceded the league after Arsenal blew yet another lead against a top team (following their 1-0 and 2-1 leads at Chelsea and Liverpool, respectively) and lost in bogus heartwrenching form at Old Trafford earlier today.

What's most important to remember is that at the beginning of the season, many "experts" predicted Arsenal to finish lowest of the top four or to fall from Champions League qualification.

With hardly a handful of games left, I sincerely hope the squad finishes with their head up. Well, maybe everyone besides Adebayor, whom Hleb spoon fed chance after beautiful chance today.

We all have to keep in mind two main things:

First, that this team is still ridiculously young, and Wenger seems committed to keeping the core together. Our most important player, Cesc, is not even 21 yet. Although we could definitely benefit from a bit of experience and depth, I don't see a problem in keeping this team's core together. JHuff may disagree, but I feel that blowing up this whole team now would be a huge waste. Let's give them another chance, with a full squad...

...and that brings us to injuries. Arsenal have had to deal with more damning injury crises than any other team in the top four. When you look at the broader perspective, you have to be pleased with the team's point total (and how they held the premiership lead for so many weeks!) considering many of our most important players like Rosicky, Van Persie, and Eduardo were out.

That being said, I was so angry during the Manchester game today that I broke our La-Z-Boy. Ugh.

How many chances do we need? How many times does a team get to excruciatingly dominate a game and not score before we fans start taking limbs and family members as collateral?

We all appreciate the way they play, let's hope next year we'll get the results to show the rest of the world.