Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Lupe's New Vid, etc.

First off, I hope all you readers got a chance to see Lupe's new "Paris, Tokyo" video, which he released yesterday. Here's a link.

As I was watching it for the first time, I kept asking myself when it was going to cut to some bedroom scene with all those cute girl-thangs he was meeting in Egypt, Paris, etc.

And I waited, and I waited...and was amazed that though he's enticed by all the local honey he remains faithfully in touch with his main girl back home (sending her postcards and more postcards) and only gives those other girls a friendly hello--or allo.

Eventually there's that super sweet scene with Lupe returning home, and I'm like, "What a guy."

Nah Right also posted a link to this interview Lupe did with the Guardian.

It's a good piece with lots of focus on Lupe's nerdiness, which seems totally blown up to me. I mean I've heard people describe Pharrell, or Kanye, or now Lupe as nerds. This is totally ridiculous. Maybe it's just me, but don't people stop calling each other "cool" or "nerdy" after, I don't know, 8th grade?

The fact is, no one who makes as much money with as much fame or as much creative talent as those guys can ever be called nerdy. Reading comic books makes you nerdy? Caring about shoes makes you nerdy? Hardly.

When I was in high school and there were kids winning all this money for their national science competitions, I was never like, "That kid's a big nerd." I was like, "Man, I wish I got $500 for setting things on fire."


In other music news, Building JJ co-founder and Music Chair Jhuff alerted me to Pitchfork media's new video site the other day, and it's distracted me from school work ever since.

One warning: their videos are by default on the highest volume level, so if you're wearing headphones (like I was), make sure and turn that volume down lest your brain gets scattered all over the room.

Jhuff said he loved these videos quality--especially the one of Radiohead playing "Bangers and Mash," which is my favorite from CD2 and had me wowing over Thom's drumming--but I'm loving how many different kinds of music are represented.

There's also a video of an interview with Vampire Weekend (another current Jhuff favorite); J Dilla's "Nothing Like This" which is in Jhuff's Elecroslow II; and some Madvillain.

So enjoy some sweet video watching, readers. Speaking of Madvillain, here's my favorite (and real short) song from their album "Madvillainy":