Thursday, April 24, 2008

Matza Shortage!!

Took a while for me to realize that there really was a matza shortage. I went to three different stores the other day before giving up, never thinking it was some kind of systemic issue. But it's true that I couldn't remember the last time matza was so hard to find during Passover, and I was reeling--I mean, should I have known that all the stores were going to be sold out? Should I have bought the first box I saw a month ago??

Neither the NYTimes nor the Jerusalem Post could give a conclusive answer why, mentioning work shortages and technical problems as possibilities.

The LA Daily News made it seem like the biggest problem is that Trader Joe's and Costo simply decided not to carry it. This seems really weird to me, because it's a guaranteed sell. For those who have never experienced or seen someone go through the eight days of matza over-saturation that is Passover, let me say that Jews rely on matza during this time for their fundamental sustenance.

This would be like if all the wings and pizza places just decided not to sell wings on the day of the Super Bowl.