Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day Cheese Sauce

I thought it was pretty funny that this year, 4/20 was celebrated as, basically, advanced Earth Day.

Well Earth Day has come at last, with much publicity. Have you done something to help the environment today? I yelled at one friend when her napkin flew off the table, but someone else picked it up and threw it out for us.

Even though its purpose is noble, Earth Day has to be one of the cheesiest "holidays" of the year. Dig some of these Comics I read today:

--Mutts gets a shoutout because McDonnell used a Robinson Jeffers quote (here's my favorite Jeffers poem, hands down).

--Dennis the Menace is always good for some cheese.

--Speed Bump wasn't so cheesy--that's because Dave Coverly usually finds some weird distinctive angle to make a point.

--On the Fastrack was almost funny here. Almost.

--Treehugger has some other good ones.

Happy Earth Day!