Saturday, April 19, 2008

Haterzz and Shtuffs

See this Obama vid yet? There's like a thousand versions of it on YouTube. It's become enough of a phenomenon that the Washington Post put it on the front page of their Style section. Whatever, I just think it's funny:

It would be interesting to see how Obama's professed appreciation of hip-hop affects his votes. According to the WaPost article above, the Post's Richard Cohen said the shoulder shaking was "contemptuous and aloof" and "not smart." He obviously overlooked how freaking funny it was, though...


We at JJ like to keep our readers up to date on various cool music that is less visible or so obviously good that people pass it up. Jhuff alerted me to Boys Noize and the album "Oi Oi Oi" last week.

It's good enough stuff that GW's hip-hop group Famous Corners hyped the crowd with & Down (below) at their show at GW's Battle of the Bands on Thursday.

Here's some good tracks:

& Down:


Yeah it's pretty loud head banging type stuff, but it's good for you every once in a while. Kind of like those real spicy Asian soups that clear your sinuses, you dig?


Arsenal finally won a game! 2-0 over hapless Reading earlier today. Good to see Walcott getting a start, and Adebayor actually scoring. Not to be overly harsh on Adebayor (who's had an amazing season just as good as Torres'), but can you say too little too late?