Thursday, January 3, 2008

Why You Shouldn't Wear a Manchester United Jersey

Manchester kept the pressure on league leaders Arsenal this weekend by beating bottom feeders Birmingham 1-0. It was a pathetic result because it was at Old Trafford, and the last fifteen minutes belonged solely to the visitors--who unfortunately could do nothing with their chances.

In any case, I am particularly aggrieved by United's--Carlos Tevez's--goal. Maybe you saw it on ESPN's Top Ten Plays yesterday.

Now, this was a nice goal, a beautiful backheel by CRonaldo put Tevez through, and he finished coolly. Here's the best video I could find of it.

It took me awhile to find a video because I couldn't find one that showed Cameron Jerome laying on the ground, hurt. You can see him balled up at the beginning.

Unfortunately, the video doesn't show how he got hurt, namely, by being cleated in the stomach by Rio Ferdinand going up for a header. The ref was blocked on the play and couldn't see what happened. Jerome went down and the ball fell to Rio who played Carrick.

The ball was in United's half, not in a counterattacking position or anything. Carrick should have kicked the ball out of bounds. (Actually, if the ref had seen Rio's act, there should have been a whistle and a yellow card). Instead, Carrick played the ball forward and it ended in the goal.

When you see people wearing Manchester United jerseys, especially fans who haven't seen any soccer beyond FIFA 08, just remember what they stand for. Winning, yes, and scoring, OK, but also a cocky attitude that finds nothing wrong in the kinds of heinous actions we saw this past weekend.