Saturday, January 26, 2008

Greatest YouTube Soccer Goals: International

This is a list I've been wanting to compile for some time: the greatest internet searchable soccer goals since 98.

For this post, though, here's 25 great international goals from YouTube. Obviously the majority will be from major teams in major tournaments, and most from the top of my head--I'm sure some cat from United Arab Emirates or another insignificant soccer country scored some great goal in the past 10 years, but bummer.

If you want to suggest others, post via the comments. If you have questions on context or anything about the games themselves, ask via the comments.

Please keep in mind that the YouTube versions are often grainy on first view--you sometimes have to wait for the instant replays to get a real look at the goals.


1- H. Larsson v Bulgaria in Euro 04

2- Z. Ibrahimavic v Italy in Euro 04


3- J. Cole v Sweden in WC 06

4- Becks v Greece in 01 qualifier

5- M. Owen v Argentina in WC 98


6-L. Figo v England in Euro 00

7- Maniche v Holland in Euro 04

9- Rui Costa v England in Euro 04


10- T. Rosicky v USA in WC 06

11- M. Baros vs Holland in Euro 04 (go to 2:05)


12- P. Lahm v Costa Rica in WC 06


13- F. Torres v Ukraine in WC 06

14- Torres v Tunisia in WC 06 (bonus: best celebration award)


15- T. Henry v Ireland in World Cup 2006 Qualifier

16- D. Trezeguet v Italy in Euro 2000 final

17- Z. Zidane v England in Euro 2004


18- M. Rodriguez v Mexico in WC 06 (best goal on this list?)


20- R. Van Nistlerooy v Germany in Euro 04

21- P. Kluivert v Brasil in WC 98 (justification: most aesthetic slow motion replay)


22- R. Baggio v Brasil in WC 98 Final

haha, sorry I couldn't resist

22- G. Zambrotta v Ukraine in WC 06


23- Ronaldinho v England in WC 02

24- Rivaldo v England in WC 02

25- Ronaldinho v Haiti in friendly