Thursday, January 24, 2008

Why the Pats Should Lose the Super Bowl

Here are some reasons why I think the Pats ought to lose. Mind you, they are not football reasons but rather personal, almost arbitrary, spiteful reasons. (We'll reserve any such actual analysis for the real Super Bowl week, seriously, why are there two weeks of buildup? what a disaster.)

-- Boston is killing in all sports except hockey. The Revs made it to the MLS Final, the Celtics are the team to beat in the East, and the Red Sox won the World Series.

-- Bill Belichick is a cheater.

-- Just to get at all those annoying Red Sox fans who wear pink abominations of their teams' jerseys. And those damn pink Red Sox hats. I hate those.

--Because even though so many people seem to call out Peyton Manning for being on TV and having so many ads (I'm talking about you, Bill Simmons) while Tom Brady is not only in as many ads but in grosser ones: here and here. I prefer Peyton's humor to Brady's good looks any day.