Monday, January 14, 2008

where art thou rom(e)o?

(Joshua Masayoshi Huff)

I'm assuming that, if you're an American male, you had the two NFL playoff games on at LEAST in the background today.

A lot has already been made about the "upsets" of the Chargers beating the Colts and the Giants beating the Cowboys. Let me just say that the Chargers already beat the Colts earlier in the season and that the Cowboys beat the Giants twice--and, as most sports pundits will tell you, it's nearly impossible to beat the same team three times in one season.

But I want to focus the attention on Terrell Owens crying. Here is a man constantly berated in the press...and a man who attempted suicide. He's really going to bat for his quarterback..

and he's right. "It's not about Tony". It's the entire team. I was going to write the post about "hey, I want to get it out there...'so what do we make of Tony going to Mexico' "

Want my honest answer? Nothing. We make nothing of it. So many players go to Vegas during the week. Tom Brady lives in New York City during the week. Why does it matter that Tony Romo went to Mexico? I'm sure other players went to Mexico at some point this year with their girlfriends (and people forget that Jason Whitten was also on this Mexico trip), and nothing is being made of that.

Is it because of the fact that Romo's girlfriend is Jessica Simpson? Probably. Is this fair? No. It really doesn't matter who you go to Mexico with--you're still in Mexico. Being with Jessica Simpson makes the trip no more dramatic or tiring than going with anyone else, and we seem to be forgetting that.

I can't say I mind, though. I really dislike the Giants and the Cowboys (being a 'Skins fan), so it just doesn't matter. I want a Packers-Patriots Super Bowl, and I want Favre to win it and pull an Elway.

Maybe that's just me, though.