Friday, September 7, 2007

window blues.

I'm sure you've heard--Apple decided to lower prices on its iphone and is bringing out an iphone that does not have phone capabilities.

It's business, of course, and not anything to get excited about. (though I must say that the 160 gig ipod, with a 30 hour battery life, is really tempting).

I was not surprised to hear that there were customers who were upset that the price drop was announced...but I don't really feel sorry for them. In fact, I find their situation quite funny.

They braved the lines to be the first with the coveted phone this summer. I'm sure that once they got it, they showed it off to their friends, family, their dogs...and just about anything that had a beating heart.

So Steve Jobs decided to put out a cheaper version of it--that's what happens. When technology has been out for awhile, its price drops. They knew that when they stood in lines. They paid extra to have the new technology first.

It amazes me that they'd be upset. I'm sure that most of them are Apple loyalists. "Take my business elsewere?", they may say, "I'd rather die."

Well, then, don't complain. You paid so that you could have the "wow factor." You paid extra because you wanted to show it off to the woman in the bar. You paid extra so that Jim from accounting would be jealous.

So stop whining. I don't feel sorry for you--you bought in on the hype. Maybe you thought Apple was different, but they're not: Apple is a business.

Get over it. You have nothing to gripe about--you decided that your investment was worth it at the time. Stop complaining and move on.