Friday, September 21, 2007

no alarms and no surprises, please.

(Joshua Masayoshi Huff)

A girl from Maui attending MIT was arrested in Boston today for wearing a device that appeared to be a bomb.

Her reasons ("that it was career day and she wanted to show off her work"...) seem strange at best, especially because she wore it to pick up her boyfriend at Logan International Airport (I'm not going to comment on what appears to be a huge age difference) .

In case you forgot, Boston was scared by Aqua Teen Hunger Force LCD lights in January
. That was sort of a ridiculous thing--this isn't.

In my eyes, this is the height of bored Hawaii kids wanting to come off as artistic. I am not going to pass any further judgment until we hear more...but man.

It's sad because she's described as being bright and as "an outstanding student". Why go and pull something like this?

Her lawyer saying something about "the height of paranoia" is being outlandish. With people so tense about flying these days, I don't blame the police for taking her into custody.


The San Francisco Giants will not re-sign Barry Bonds for next season. I don't blame them--dude players one game and then takes two that really worth an $15.8 million
yearly investment?

No. Not when Thierry Henry makes $12.6 million. Seeing him in that kit doesn't pain me as much as I thought it would...

The best bet? The Yankees--who else is gonna pay $10 million+ for a DH? OhyeahmaybetheRedSox.

He wouldn't play in New York, though--he knows he couldn't cut it. I don't blame him--it's a brutal city. I can't really see what team is gonna go after him--there was talk about Oakland wanting him last year, but I don't see how their moneyball organization would make it work.

My bets? Yanks, Red Sox...maybe the Angels? Those are the only teams I can see stomaching his pay where he'd play.

The Yanks have a ton of old guys with bad knees who trade off at DH--Giambi, Matsui, they really want to pay $10 million for another?

Again, $10 million is arbitrary--is he going to take an $5.8 mil pay cut? Bonds is Mr. Ego.

Maybe an NL team will want him--I highly doubt it. I see him in the AL as a DH/occasional outfielder--which the Yankees seem to love. Plus, he's really old (did any of you realize he's 43 this year? OK, that's not old, mom....). He's no Julio Franco...and even that dude has a hard time finding a team (the Mets released him this year, and the Braves picked him up).

So, really, who wants Barry?

The Yanks, Red Sox...and, over my father's (not) dead body, the Angels...though we all know that the Angels are gonna get Pay-Rod this off-season, hence cementing them as the absolute best team in all of baseball--even though nobody really cares about them other than analysts, Los Angeles, and the Huff household.

Finally, though, the Giants can put money into being an actual good team and not just the home-ground for a home-run hitting freak-show monster.

I'm glad. It's time they got what may be the best hats into the post-season once again (I really want one of these, but I've heard stories about dudes getting beat up outside of Dodger Stadium for wearing Giants gear...that and I already sorta rep the Angels, you know..oh, I'm broke, as well)...where, of course, A-Rod and his Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim will sweep them in the World Series.

So there's my pick. The Angels are gonna win the World Series this year and next. I swear. This year, I guarantee they'll win it....though the only way I'll absolutely put all of my money on them for next year a year-and-a-half before they play a game is if they do sign A-Rod this off-season and if Vlad rehabs himself (dude may only DH in the play-offs?).

This post made me realize a few things:

  • I care way more about the Angels than I think [that's what's gonna happen as long as Baltimore is located on the East Coast, and, thus, playing in the AL (B)East]
  • I care way more about baseball than I thought
  • I need to do an entry on my favorite MLB caps

Take it easy, everyone. You know the drill: we usually don't update on the weekends because readership usually drops (because, of course, you're not at work and don't need to be wasting any time)

Anyway, I promise we'll start off with Building JJ Collective news next week--regarding one of the blog's nearest-and-dearest getting a pretty good position with one of the world's most visited blogs.


UH 73-Charleston Southern 10
USC 45-Washington State 24

I would say something about the Michigan game, but I don't know if Derman reads this. Regardless, Michigan will keep it close with Penn State, and Notre Dame will scare Michigan State enough--though not enough to beat them.

So yea, Michigan and Notre Dame will both lose, again...though this time, by closer margins.

Okay, I'm outta here--my laundry needs to be put in the dryer.