Tuesday, September 18, 2007

quick takes

(Joshua Masayoshi Huff)

As CNN has reported, a student was tasered after asking John Kerry a few questions at a public forum at the University of Florida.

What to make of this? The kid was asking a few questions--sure, they egged Kerry on, but Kerry wanted to engage the kid and said that he wanted to respond while the cops were leading the kid away.

I was sickened with the way that the audience seemed to cheer as the kid was being arrested. It is unclear why they cheered--but it is surreal that hardly anyone spoke up to ask as to why the young man was being led away. The debate now isn't over what the police did was right or wrong, it was whether the young man was tasered while he was in handcuffs.

It brings to mind the UCLA student who was tasered by cops for failing to have his student ID, and the way campus security is handling themselves as of late should be called into question.

Perhaps more interesting than all of this is the way that the people are responding on youtube--most blame it on "insane liberals". America is a country descending into an age where people use buzzwords and pass judgment without knowing absolutely nothing about the issues on which they are speaking--and this goes for both sides, both liberals and conservatives.

I'm sure we'll hear more about this in the upcoming days, and we'll keep you posted.


And, to follow up, UH did the haka this weekend while UNLV was off the field and they were not penalized.


What do you, the readers, make of the situation that the Patriots find themselves in? They're winning, fine--but they're being accused of using cameras to tape the signals of other teams.

To be honest, I don't see much wrong with it. The team is using a competitive advantage offered to them by the game. However, it IS against the league's rules, and, if it's in writing, then I do feel that it needs to be enforced.

I can see teams in baseball taping signals, but the competitive advantage would be null. It would be impossible to relay to the batter the type of pitch that was coming before the ball actually came.

Bill Bellicheck is a great coach, and the Pats are a monstrous team. I don't understand why they got caught for this--but I wonder if they're really the only team guilty?


And, 50 Cent says he doesn't like putting out albums anymore. Of course, he won't admit losing, but here's 50:

"I'm not really excited to go sell a record. I probably won't even put another album out. If I do put it out, I probably won't travel to promote it. The actual release of this record wasn't pleasant for me."

Cry me a river, 50. You've become Mr. Irrelevant in this race. Congratulations