Monday, September 24, 2007

hello? is this thing on?

(Joshua Masayoshi Huff)

Here it is, your update post. I figure we talk so much about our opinions that we may as well let you know what's going on in our lives.

As you may have deduced, I, jhuff, no longer attend the George Washington University. I have swapped the coasts and now attend the University of Southern California. We were working on a post to announce this quite some time ago, but I never felt comfortable enough to put it up. This paragraph is the disclosure of this fact, and there we are.

Additionally, Pat Burgwinkle, who is on a writing tear as of late, is spending a semester in Amsterdam. He steps into the European correspondent role that bsto took on this summer. We've been trying to trick Pat into writing forever--I'm glad he's finally been duped...err, that he's finally decided to take us up on the offer. He's writing great pieces that tackle the big issues, and it helps to have another person on staff.

Why, you ask? Because it gets tough between bsto and I to publish daily, which we put down as one of our only real goals when we started in January. Who wants to read a commentary blog that's outdated?

Yeah, no one.

While speaking about bsto, I thought I'd mention that he is currently writing for the dcist, which is a member of the Gothamist family (I believe)....the most widely read blog family on the planet (1.2 million unique viewers a month). You can read his first piece here...I must admit, I enjoyed it (less so after I heard how they hacked it up).


What am I up to? General no good...well, not really. I intern at USC's radio station--the show I intern on, Your Arsenal, can be heard on Thursday's at 9-11 PM (EST) at

I've also taken up blogging for the radio station's, well, blog...located here.

What does all of this taken positions at other blogs mean, then? Nothing, really--hopefully, new readers, but that's about it. I think the delineation of what bsto and I have been asked to do with the other blogs and what we do here is very clear--so I don't see anything changing.


In the meantime, though, we are looking for new contributors. Seriously. email me at or ben at if you're interested. We're going to ask for some writing samples, but that's about it. If you care and are punctual (and can talk your family and friends into reading the site), you're probably golden. Well, you'll need to have an opinion too, but you know, like my dad says:

Opinions are like arses: Everyone has one, and they all stink.

Haha. Anyway, email us if you'd like to contribute. And, please, if you think that a friend of yours would enjoy a piece we've done, send them the link. Every reader means a lot to us, because the core of the Building JJ Collective is to foster discussion and discourse--and the more readers there are, the bigger the opportunity for those two things there are.

Good night, West Coast, and, t'll be good morning when you read this, East Coast.

Until then.

(Oh, I thought I'd brag here...I was only off by a touchdown in the Hawaii game, I was off by about 12 points in the USC game...and Michigan ended up winning...haha. It looks like A-Rod is off to the Cubs, though, who are going to make him a shortstop as well as a part-owner. Yeah. Pwner.)