Wednesday, November 26, 2008

an open letter.

Dear President Obama,

It has come to my attention that you'd like to cut the fat. I bring you a question: Should Citi cancel its $400 million sponsorship of the new Mets stadium? The answer is yes, but with a qualifier: As long as AIG cancels its deal with Manchester United first.

A sports marketing analyst said that " was not certain that AIG would maintain their contract with United, though the exposure it gives them and the likely punitive get-out clauses might deter them from pulling out".

Uh, my taxpayer dollars are propping up this company--and paying for a useless deal that won't save the insurance giant.

I also hate Manchester United. You know the Yankees? Yeah. They're worse than them. You know the Vikings and Packers and how much Chicago Bears fans hate those teams? My feeling for Manchester United is a hundred thousand times worse. And, as a West Ham fan, you cannot support Manchester United in any way, shape or form. West Ham are like the Cubs (I know you're a Sox fan, but you're a bigger fan of Chicago in general)--and Manchester United is, well, the Yankees...and the Red Sox. Combined. Let that sit. You're all about spreading the wealth. Take it away from Big Business--like Manchester United. Give it to West Ham. And Arsenal. Arsenal are like the big boy West Ham--you will eventually end up supporting Arsenal anyway.

A concerned citizen,

Joshua Masayoshi Huff