Thursday, November 6, 2008

Palin Fall Out

The things I find interesting here:

  • Remember how strongly Fox News and conservatives in McCain's camp and elsewhere got behind Palin and dismissed all criticism of her as sexist? Now they're picking up the same attacks that the liberal establishment whipped out months ago.
  • If what this report says is true (Fox News...take it with a grain or two), it 100% proves McCain simply lacked the leadership ability necessary to run the country. Joe Biden isn't exactly an easy guy to handle--he falls in line about as easily as Chad Ocho Cinco--but the Obama people held him in check because Obama has that kind of leadership.
  • The fact that despite these "foibles" the conservative establishment is still excited to see Palin again in 2012 just blows your mind: Here's a group of people who have championed an ideology based on making sound, safe decisions for our country, now standing behind a politician who probably couldn't understand 1/4 of an Economist issue. Either they're that obsessed with Evangelicalism, intelligent design, and Pro-Life, or we're looking at a massive shift in the convervative ideology.