Saturday, December 6, 2008

A Mix for my Sister

a supreme love - DJ Cam (Track 7)


Here's a mix I made for my sister. She's into Tribe Called Quest-type hip hop and more than a little weary of the current state of the game. This is a flowy, sort of quiet, beat-ridden mix for her. Obviously not all the songs are Tribe-type hip hop--but most are influenced by it. The mix sort of starts with 21st century iterations of that kind of hip hop, then goes uptempo a second before devolving into more thoughtful, melodic songs. I mean, all mixes should feature the preferred music of the recipient, but should also push the envelope. Always push that envelope.

I like this mix--just heard it through while folding laundry, watching the freezing rain fall.

Tell me what you think.

  1. Let Your Hair Down--Kidz in the Hall
  2. Wait A Minute (just a touch)--Estelle
  3. Step Into My Office Baby--Bell & Sebastian
  4. Weekend Wars--MGMT
  5. Since I Left You--The Avalanches
  6. Tramp--Blueprint
  7. A Supreme Love--DJ Cam (above)
  8. Elders: clouds--DJ Uproot
  9. Heaven--John Legend
  10. Orange Pineapple Juice--Common
  11. Something About Us--Daft Punk
  12. Ethnic Majority--Nightmares on Wax
  13. Storm Returns--Prefuse 73
  14. Only You--Portishead
  15. Pillow Talk--Quiet Village
  16. Street Lights--Kanye West