Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Cubs Cubs Cubs

The Cubbies start their run at the World Series, and ending their 100 year drought, tonight against the LA Dodgers.

Because sitting through an entire baseball game on TV can be trying at times, I was planning on DVR-ing the game so that I could skip through the commercials.

Ok. No.

This game is not the most important game of my consciously sports-loving life. But it's in the top five. Here's why: The Cubs have the best record in the NL. On paper, they should make it to the Series. The problem is that the Dodgers are hot, and we all know how dangerous hot teams can be in baseball playoffs (see St. Louis Cards, 2006). If the Cubs win tonight at Wrigley (where they've been amazing, tonight's starting pitcher Ryan Dempster is 14-3 there), the entire world will be talking them up. If they lose, the entire world will say the Cubs are about to blow it again, and there will be an enormous amount of pressure on game two starter Carlos Zambrano, who is notoriously unable to control his emotions.

These five game series are weird. If you lose the first one, you're in trouble.

So big day today everyone. I'll definitely be watching live: 6:37 pm on TBS. Let's go.

THE TOP FIVE SPORTS EVENTS I'VE WITNESSED (not in order, and not definitive):

(1) 1998 NBA Finals, Game 6

(2) 2006 Champions League Semi-Final, Game 2

(3) 2008 US Open Championship

(4)Arsenal going all of 2003/2004 unbeaten

(5) TONIGHT!!!