Thursday, October 2, 2008

Cubs Might Blow It

Soooooo. About last night...

Cue awkward silence.

Ok, Ok.

Time for us all to get a hold of ourselves. Time to let go of the choking tension. Goosfraba. Goooooosfraba. There.

Ryan Dempster is mostly to blame for the Cubs loss last night, and what makes it most upsetting is that he obviously choked: he pitched in a wild manner completely unlike anything we've seen from him this year. But that's Ok. We're only down one. I think that Dempster will get another shot at pitching in these playoffs, and I think he'll make up for last night's atrocity. I really do believe that. Time to move forward. Onwards!

Three things to be super happy about after last night's game (yay! staying positive!!):

  1. Kosuke Fukudome. Although he went 0-4, he did not once swing and miss at that low-inside pitch that teams learned in July he couldn't hit. In fact, he made solid contact with 0-2 counts on two of those pitches. Plus he made a great catch while stumbling over the Dodgers' bullpen. I'm backing him to be MVP of game two.
  2. Game 1 is over. I hope the sheer fact that the playoffs are underway will calm the Cubs down a bit. They can look around themselves, check out the field and the clubhouse--they'll no doubt realize that it's still baseball, they're still the best team in the NL, and they've come back from worse crap this season.
  3. We were right there. The Cubs had opportunities to win the game last night, even after the Dodgers hit that garbage bull-ish grand slam to go up 4-2. Point is, the Cubs did not get dominated last night, they choked. If they cash in their opportunities the rest of the series, they will come out on top.
Now, then. Let's get some runs!

Addendum: What the eff was wrong with the fans at Wrigley last night??? I mean, I know it was tense. I could hardly breathe all the way in DC. But you go to a game to cheer on your team. You don't go to add to the tension by refusing to cheer at important moments. Leave your goddamn fatalistic attitude back at home. We needed the crowd to get behind the team, like an Uncle at his nephew's little league game, not heap on more pressure by staying seated and shaking heads. Yeesh.

And if I hear one boo tonight directed at the Cubs players tonight, I'm going to use my DVR to pinpoint one of the booers, find him/her on facebook, and be really agitating via the internet. (Instead, boo the umps who gave Derek Lowe a strike zone wide enough to reach halfway down the first base line. Boo them all you want.)