Monday, June 16, 2008

Tiger Woods is Too Good, Like Thierry Was

The US Open has been indescribable. Truly amazing. I literally almost cried when Tiger made the putt on 18 yesterday to send it into a playoff with Rocco Mediate. I mean, first of all, it hurts just to watch the guy swing. But mostly what makes it so captivating is how Woods manages to "clutchify" himself in the biggest moments. It doesn't matter what kind of conundrum he's facing, when it comes down to it, he gets it done. And that's what sports (and life, really) is all about.

There was one little moment from Tiger's weekend that I have to share. After making an unbelievable eagle putt on 18 on Saturday to put himself in the lead, he didn't whoop or shout (as he had after other huge putts), he just sort of looked at the crowd, pumped a fist, and smiled. Look:

It reminded me so much of Henry's look after this ridiculous free kick:

You can't really see it in this video (sorry for the horrible quality), but after the shot goes in Henry just stands there. Then he looks over to the camera and says, "Is that enough?" Haha! What a ballsy celebration.

Reminds me of the Cantona celebration I showed in this post a while back.

Who knows. Maybe Woods picked up a thing or two from hanging out with Henry while shooting all those shaving commercials.