Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday Video Premiere

Every Friday, we're highlighting a specific video (or two, or three) for your end of week enjoyment.

Welcome to the first Friday vid of June!! There's so much happy stuff going on in the world, you'll have to excuse me for my (probably temporary) optimism. But seriously, the Supreme Court came through big time yesterday and even though they basically threw a wrench into our system of dealing with these detainees, sometimes you have to burn ish down to build ish up, you dig? (Just don't ask Robespierre to do it.)

In sports, the Cubbies are coming through in the clutch, and even though the exceedingly obnoxious Boston sports community might gain yet another championship from the Celtics, there's so much soccer on everyday that my mood is simply imperturbable.

Ok, ok, enough. On to the videos!

There's no choice but to feature the Euro Cup, I'm sorry. Thing is, it's only a week in and there really hasn't been a goal that's made me smile right before I go to sleep (like this one). But there have been good goals.

Let's start with this goal from yesterday:

You'd be narrow minded to write it off just because it's from a corner. Look at how ballsy Sionko is! First of all, the guy's like 5'4". Second of all, he puts his head right where it would most probably be kicked--just to get a look at the ball. And last, he makes great contact to absolutely power it past Ricardo in goal.

I also like this Ibrahimavic goal:

There's two main things I like about it: one, that one-two with Larsson is amazing. Look how easily they slice through the Greece defense with two simple five yard passes. Two, it shows great technique that Ibrahimovic could turn his body to square up to the ball and hit it cleanly.

The goal is not as ridiculous as this one from Euro 2004, but it is one of the best goals so far.

And finally, the best goal from Monday's amazing Holland v Italy game:

Just look at how quickly they break--at how quickly the ball moves from the near side to the far side to the near side and in. It's the epitome of an effective counterattack, and there's a great finish by Sneidjer to boot.

Sort of reminds you of a classic Arsenal counterattack, don't you think? See for yourself:

Ok, you JJ folk, there you have it. It's weekend time! Sorry for the sparse output of late, but surely you can sympathize: sometimes, and in the cruelest way, summer jobs are more stressful and take up more time than schoolwork. Somehow.

So? Onwards.