Tuesday, June 10, 2008

eschew your shoes

(Joshua Masayoshi Huff)

Yes, Nike dunks (faux vintage and bright colors) have made a comeback (and no, we're not late to this fad here at the Collective--we just couldn't think of a way to drop sneakers into posts).

And, yes--boat shoes have since taken over

But, here at the Collective, we're challenging you to eschew your New Balances (and other casual kicks) and asking you to consider new sneaks.

The following should be dropping soon (sneak speak for coming out). They won't be at Foot Locker, either--look around for boutiques in your neighborhood.

(photo courtesy highsnobiety.com)

These take color cues from Nike's Vandal line and put them on Dunk Hi's. Don't they remind you of something astronauts would wear? Or that really cool kid when you were in third grade?

(photo courtesy hypebeast.com)

Remember those New Balances we just told you to throw out? Yeah. These may look like New Balances, but they also look like a South Beach sunset on the sole. And, yeah, they're not Dunks--they're Air Max 1s. I find that these are a lot more comfortable for a flat-footed gopher like myself than Dunks are

Safari-inspired Air Max 1s. Nike is rocking this pattern hard this year--the Safari was one of their most popular color combinations ever. You can see it on the Air Force one pictured here.