Monday, September 22, 2008

no surprises, please

(Joshua Masayoshi Huff)

Here is an interview with Star Simpson, that Maui girl that went to MIT who wore a sweater with LED lights to Logan International a few years back.

The entire thing is ridiculous. It's really asinine when people make statements like "security hasn't changed, just the theater and illusion of security has."

She did something wrong. "People formed strong opinions"...uh, yeah. When you walk into an airport with what looks like a bomb on your shirt, things are going to get heated.

"I didn't think it'd go on for a year"...why not? It doesn't seem like she has any concept of the law. "They charged me with being a disorderly person. They can charge anyone with being a disorderly person". No, actually, they can't. They can only charge people doing ridiculous things with disorderly conduct.

I have no sympathy for her when someone spit on her. She did something incredibly foolish and she should have done time.

She still seems to think it's a big joke and that she's so brilliant and that society just doesn't get it because it is too complicated for the masses. Give me a break.


Amazing pictures from North Korea. This may be the best photoset that I have ever seen.