Friday, September 19, 2008

friday video premiere

Every Friday, we're highlighting a specific video (or two, or three) for your end of week enjoyment.

John Legend (featuring Andre 3000) "Green Light"

Does anyone do cheesy contemporary r&b better than John Legend? I mean, he often says things like "let's mess around", "you'll be my only true lover" (doesn't this sound like something a really old, skeezy European would say to a young college girl studying abroad) and "Let's go to the park/I wanna kiss you underneath the stars/Maybe we'll go too far"

And still, I kind of like it. A lot. Not making out with John Legend, just his mood.

And Andre 3000 is back and really on point here, I mean "
Hey, If i were you then It would be me that I go home with 3, the one and only" and "I heard you when you told your girl "ooo he can get it, admit it, you did it, lets hop a cab and split it I'm kiddin',we both going to where you livin'" are just lines full of swagger and confidence.

And, in case you missed it:

The best dressed men in hip hop collaborated. On a song.