Friday, September 5, 2008

friday video premiere

Every Friday, we're highlighting a specific video (or two, or three) for your end of week enjoyment.

This week's video is George Michael's "Fastlove"

No, it's not exactly a "new" video, but we've never put it on the site, so there you are. It has that smooth, 4 AM vibe that I seem to be , so I'm not going to apologize.

High school me would have been appalled that I would have enjoyed George Michael so much, but I'm not high school me anymore, so there we are.

The video is so bad that it's almost incredible--I mean, that's the definition of camp, isn't it? And, so many of my favorite songs seem to rip it off--
Utada Hikaru's "Automatic" features a keyboard line that is pretty much exactly the same for its entire melody, and the aforeposted Soul Decision song is pretty much the exact same song.

You've also got to love the fact that George ripped off the "Men in Black" song, except this song came out a few years earlier and was actually just a rip-off of the song "Forget Me Nots" by Patrice Rushen. Take that, Will Smith (this is actually an incredible song). And, come on, George says "why don't we make some room in my BMW". Have you ever told anyone that? As a pick-up line? If so, you're a tool. Congratulations.

So there. George Michael is totally relevant. And, even if he isn't, this song is still great.