Sunday, March 1, 2009

on second thought.

Last night, I was watching Kanye West's "Storytellers" on VH1. Not only did it make me want to listen to "808s and Heartbreak", but it made me want to examine Kanye's songs that are criminally underrated.

By underrated, I mean, essentially, that the song wasn't a single and gets neglected when Kanye's canon is being spoken of. This was mostly motivated by the fact that 'Ye didn't perform "Paranoid" which is easily the best song on "808s" and yet will probably not be a single off of the album.

So, here goes.

"The College Dropout"

This record has two primary underrated tracks. First up is "We Don't Care"

It's hard to name the first track on an album "underrated", because first song's are the opener and always get listened to. However, this song just doesn't get the mention deserves.

Next up is "Family Business"

Poignant. Kanye talking about being their for your family. Though none of my family gets into trouble the way 'Ye's does, the message is still there.


Late Registration

This album also has two underrated tracks: "Celebration" and "We Major"

Such a good beat and typically hilarious Kanye lyrics.

"We Major"

This song is SO UNDERRATED that there were next to no videos for it on youtube. Go figure. Probably the most celebratory piece in his repertoire, it was somehow skipped over as a single.



This one is easy: "Everything I Am"

Sadly, the only video for this song I could find was a Dwyane Wade highlight reel

808s and Heartbreak

With Kanye already recording his next album (he said it's coming out this summer), this song will unfortunately probably never be featured as a single. It's unfortunate, because it's probably one of the top five tracks that he's ever done.