Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Goofy Mixtape

Hey JJers. Isn't Arsene great?

Aaaaanyhoo. Here's a mix of goofy songs, mostly hip-hop, whose humor derives either from a ridiculous concept, overt flamboyance, or just straight goofiness. About three of them came up consecutively on my party shuffle, and I just decided to extend it into an all out mix. There are some songs with naughty words, so it's not all sfw. Sorry.

Download the .zip file here. It's the one called "IfKirkWasTheAandR." (And don't forget to download some of the other JJ mixes up there, all those classics.)

Track list:

stay up viagra--88 keys + k west
alphabet aerobics--blackalicious
just anotha crazy click--three six mafia + ludacris
a word from fresh breath mouthwash--dj qbert
iz they wildin us & gettin rowdy wit us--busta rhymes +mystikal
thugged out since cub scouts--cunnlynguists
be healthy--dead prez
why you wanna get funky...--del tha funky homosapien
the tale--dj cam + ty
nappy heads (remix)--the fugees
super boo--kid cudi
blame it on the jager--soul position
buddy--de la soul
ebonics--big L
big girls need love too--blueprint
suck my dick--lil kim
bonus cricket--kid koala
throw some (cousin cole remix)--k west