Wednesday, July 9, 2008

We're Back/Cubs Update

I'm finally back from Olympic Trials and romping around for the Fourth. It's back to business.

Even though it's obviously a big risk, the Cubs move for Rich Harden yesterday just has to make you smile (um, unless you hate the Cubs).

The bottom line is that they added one of the best pitchers in the world to an already successful staff. Ok, so he's had some trouble staying healthy. But think about it: the Cubs can probably make the playoffs with the squad they had without Harden (and they didn't give Oakland any integral piece of that team). Plus, once you get in the playoffs, because of the way the off days are scheduled, you only need two dominating starting pitchers to win a series.

This trade gives the Cubs not just two dominating pitchers, with Harden and Carlos Zambrano, but three (assuming Ryan Dempster keeps up his pace).

And like I said, we only need Harden for the playoffs--so, just like how the Cubs shut down Zambrano for a bit at the slightest evidence of shoulder issues, they can be extra-cautious with Harden and his glass limbs for the rest of the regular season.

I like this trade, I think it sends a positive message to the players and the fans that the organization really believes it can win it this year. Now I'm no sucker Cubs fan--I don't go all crazy every April talking about how the Cubs are the best team in the nation. I seriously doubt the Cubs could take the blasted Red Sox in a seven game series.

But there's also no doubt that the Harden trade just made the best team in the NL a whole lot better.


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