Thursday, July 10, 2008

Friday Video Premiere

Every Friday, we're highlighting a specific video (or two, or three) for your end of week enjoyment.

Happy Friday, JJ folk. How do you like the new header up there?

The best news I heard this week came from the UN, where they're working on persecuting the Sudanese leader for genocide. Sadly, most of the other news this week was depressing. Besides the Ronnie White fiasco, I am also saddened by my inability to get super excited for the Tour de France. I'm just tired of all my favorite riders turning out to be dopers. It sucks. Anyhow I'll still be watching when I just so happen to catch it, but no more hardcore commitment from this guy.

And speaking of doping, I was also upset this week to see the kind of negative attention Dara Torres is bringing to USA Swimming. Swimming, at least USA Swimming, is one of the rare endurance sports NOT to be drowning (excuse the pun) in cheating allegations and categorical mistrust. The Supermom, though, is being seriously doubted by the press--for good reason (being 41, etc.)--and stands to do a lot of dream-wrecking if actually found guilty.

Now, to the videos.

I heard about this Colbert Report video a while back. Enjoy.

It took me back to my Sesame Street days, although I was having a hard time recollecting specific characters and episodes. So, thanks to YouTube, I took a little walk down nostalgia avenue.

I find this video a little creepy, to be honest. Was SS always this scary? Snuffy's girly, coquettish eyes (and eyelashes) combine with his (its?) husky voice to really freak me out. Likewise with Big Bird's ambiguous gender.

So I looked for something more of an upper. I found the Elmo song:

What a great song. I've been whistling this for the whole week, no joke.

Anyway, that does it for this Friday. Enjoy the weekend.


Also, from the shameless self-promotion department, here's a link to my article in the current issue of Moment Magazine.


UPDATE (11:57 AM): It's national Slurpee Day!! How could I have forgotten!!?!?!