Thursday, May 29, 2008

More Odds, Less Ends

Did anyone else catch this hilarious little AP story this morning?

NASA rushed Wednesday to get a special pump on board shuttle Discovery to fix a balky toilet at the international space station, as the launch countdown got under way.

The space station's Russian-built toilet has been acting up for the past week.

The three male residents have temporarily bypassed the problem, which involves urine collection, not solid waste.

WHOA! How do the males "bypass the problem" exactly? I mean, I can speak from extensive family road trip experience that men can generally hold it in better than women (or at least better than my mom and sisters), but can you imagine having to hold it until a new spacecraft arrives?!!

I just love it when it's hard to differentiate the real news from an Onion article.

Don't worry, JJ has the scoop that you're all craving:


In any case, when you use the bathroom today, pause for a second to remember and honor the brave astronauts in space. Those intrepid pee-holders are due our utmost reverence.