Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday Video Premiere

Every Friday, we're highlighting a specific video (or two, or three) for your end of week enjoyment.

To continue on with the odds and ends theme we have going, we have a couple of videos worth watching.

First up is "Guys Jumping Into Jeans". The first couple of jumps are impressive, but it doesn't seem that these jumps alone make the video worth highlighting.

Don't worry. It gets better. Much better. Amazing, in fact.


By now, everyone has seen Kobe's Aston Martin jump. Now, though, we have Kobe teaming up with the Jackass boys and jumping over a pool of snakes.

The best part is Wee-Man's Kobe hug at the end.

This video montage puts the two death-defying stunts together--and they're prefaced by Kobe dunking as various historical heroes.


Then, we have homeless James Bond. I realize homelessness is nothing to laugh at (it really isn't), but this video is a pretty entertaining watch.

"There's a word for what you're doing, Jojo. It's called banking--and it's not something that homeless people do"

Does James Bond look like James Murphy to anyone else?

(Photo courtesy of

The Onion loves homeless people and their cans as well.
Lastly, we have a live version of Utada Hikaru's "Moving on Without You". I keep meaning to write a jpop post--I wouldn't even call my love of jpop a guilty pleasure, because I don't feel guilty about loving it at all--but this video is so full of neon lights and has such a good house feel that it's too good to not put up

And, for the fun of it, here's another great song of hers--"Traveling" live


And, get your sleep in now. The 2008 European Cup is fast approaching, and, if you're like me, you're going to have to put up with 1 AM game start times.