Monday, December 10, 2007

it was supposed to be so easy.

(Joshua Masayoshi Huff)

Gordon Brown has announced that the UK is pulling out more troops by March--they're reducing forces from 4,500 to 2,500 (with the 4,500 representing 1/10 of the total number sent by Tony Blair when the invasion started in 2003).

And, you know, the good ol USA sent 30,000 troops a few weeks back.

What does it mean? That this is quickly truly becoming America's War (..ahem...Dubya's). And, of course, the article goes on.

It's amazing that the 2008 Presidential Election is going to be run with this quagmire still going on and that a relevant debate question is going to be "Well, how are you going to fix this royal mess that we find ourselves in".

It's just astonishing that President Bush got re-elected and that, now, all of America seemed to be against the war. Do the voters know that the war that they claim to hate was started by the man that they elected...and re-elected?

The Brits? They're not quitting--that's for damn sure. They're just getting out of a bad situation that their old leader got them into by unfortunately being too trusting of the American president.

The sad part is that, if we pull out, Iraq will probably collapse. I don't just mean into multiple states, either (I think Kurdistan is a good idea)--I mean hardcore civil war with actual fighting and actual deaths.

Damned if we do, damned if we don't, right? What are the options? Pulling out is hard, but staying in isn't really doing much, either. It's a lose lose situation--innocent men and women are going to just depends what country's innocent men and women.

To me, the only option is to uphold our promises, though it's become hazy as to exactly what they are. Democracy? There's a semblance of that there (and to make it a war based on democracy is ethnocentric and foolish). The collapse of the Hussein regime? He's gone.

What's the endgame? Of course we have to make sure the country is stable--but can we define what stable is? I mean, it's been three-and-a-half years since the end of "major operations" and "mission accomplished"--if so, what are we still doing there?

Fine, fine--after the party, someone still has to clean up. But it's been 3 1/2 years. If it's been over that long, let's get out. Clearly, this isn't the case. We need to identify what the goals are and what will allow us to pull out. No esoteric "peace and we leave"--we need to have cold hard benchmarks in order to make sure we're on track. Dubya is a lame duck and could care less--but I want the candidates to lay out benchmarks, plans and exit strategies...and so should everyone else. Too many people are dying in a war that no one supports--and yet, we're still there, and it seems like we will be for the foreseeable future. Then again, no one said that war made sense, and with a war led by Dubya, no one should expect it to be (unfortunately).


And Hugo "la vida loca" Chavez is creating a new time zone for Venezuela-- 4 1/2 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time.

I mean, he may hold elections, but when you think you're bigger than nature, you've got a huge power complex--though this isn't anything groundbreaking.

It'd all be funny if it wasn't true because it seems too far-fetched and ridiculous to be true
(like all of Adam Sandler's old movies)...unfortunately, it is real, and, by extension, not that funny: it's less comedic and more tragic than all of Adam Sandler's latest movies (unfortunately).


I can't leave on such a sour note! Here are some videos!

Joe Jackson "Steppin' Out"

Good lord, what a song.

Ayuse Kozue "Sundae Love"

This might be the most absurd video ever. It's an incredible pop song, and I'm not even going to apologize for loving it because I don't need to--but I mean...what's going on?

Hall and Oates "Kiss On My List"

Hall and Oates get railed on all the time--but they're so cheesy that they're incredible.

Scott Walker "On Your Own Again"

This video is an excerpt from Radiohead's "Meeting People is Easy", which documents their turbulent tour in support of "OK Computer". Scott Walker (interestingly enough, this isn't his real name...) seems to be getting aped more and more these days (Jens Lekman, Bill Callahan, Stephin Merritt), but rightfully so--he has such a great voice. It sounds like all the good parts of male enka
and Bill Murray..and I just feel like having Scott Walker sing your New Years Resolutions would make them all instantly come true. Whenever I sing in the shower, I usually do it in a Scott Walker voice--it makes me feel more mature, I guess, and I'm told I have a low voice (I'm under the impression that it's pretty high, but I guess I can't hear my own voice) so it's fitting.

My New Years Resolution, you ask ('tis the season!)? Jagerbombs. Because of profanity (and profanity only), this may not be safe for work--but it is, nonetheless, hilarious. (But really, we all know this cat is the mortal enemy of the Collective)

Tears for Fears "Head Over Heels"

What a great song and appropriately nerdy video. When dude that looks like Joey Gladstone from Full House plays the keyboard that randomly appears on they library counter (1:31), all hell should break's too bad that it doesn't.