Tuesday, December 18, 2007

in advance of the storm.

(Joshua Masayoshi Huff)

Again, sorry for the lack of updates. Finals just concluded for me, and bsto is finishing up his (as is Mr. Burgwinkle).

The rest of the year should be a doozy, though. We've got lists galore--albums (featuring lists by some guests writers), news articles, and each writer's favorite ten JJ Collective entries. This our 192 post--we hit the big 200 soon (and one year next month!).

Nerdy? Yes. Awesome? Most likely. Overkill? Never.

Here are some videos to ponder while the JJ Collective puts together their lists and get over the toxic shock that accompany finals--enjoy!

Kanye West "Can't Tell Me Nothing" (Alternate Video)

This was one of my least favorite songs off of the brilliant "Graduation" (record of the year? you'll have to wait for the Collective writers to put out their lists), and it perplexed me that this was the first single. The original video for the song is incredibly bland, but Zach Galifianakis is one of the funniest men on earth--the jewelry bit, the spitting tobacco part...just comedic gold. And, Will Oldham (ne Bonnie "Prince" Billy) just completes the ridiculously humorous awkwardness of the entire production.

Wham! "Last Christmas"

One of the best Christmas songs ever. Nothing beats '80s synthpop, George Michaels' dramatic lyrics and tying love, disappointment and Christmas all together. Nothing. This, "Sleigh Ride", "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer" and "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" have to be, far and away, the best Christmas songs ever. I just wish this video was the full-length song (all 6 minutes and 44 seconds of it).

George Benson "Breezin'"

Man, finding this video was bittersweet. I've always loved this riff, but that's because I thought it was a Timbaland beat on the Lox's song "Ryde or Die Chick"...and, somehow, the other day, I stumbled across this song and realized it wasn't original at all. I shouldn't have been fooled, I guess--rap is all samples anyway--and to be honest, I'd rather just listen to this song than that Lox song. Weezer also seems to have ripped it off on "Burndt Jamb" on the otherwise forgettable "Maladroit".

Less than two weeks left in the year, everyone--hope you've got your resolutions ready. I know I do--but those will get posted soon enough.