Tuesday, November 6, 2007

policemen getting lost.

(Joshua Masayoshi Huff)

I'm going to finally, finally FINALLY admit that I'm at my wits end with President Bush.

Yeah, yeah.."how can you call yourself a liberal if you're just admitting to that now blah blah". Look: the fact of the matter is that el presidente bothered me for a long time, too, but I just couldn't join the critics on the bandwagon. That's one of my billions of flaws: I play devil's advocate way too much. Sure, I wouldn't have voted for him, but I just felt that it was too easy to dislike the guy and that too many people did...there must be something that everyone was getting wrong.

But really. It started in high school. I got sick of hearing kids talking about how stupid the President was, even if they had no idea why we got Veterans Day and Memorial Day off from school. I just hated seeing the "I hate Bush" tees from kids who couldn't really explain the Iraq War (well, can any of us?) and wore the shirts because their favorite punk bands did.

I remembered the first Gulf War. I remembered the talk of SCUDs and all of that fun stuff--and I remember hearing about Saddam using WMDs on the Kurds in the north. Did Saddam have to go? If he had WMDs, yes. I was sure of this. I was naive to think it was about anything but oil. I was also a high schooler.

As we all know, there were no WMDs. And yeah, Saddam was evil...but so are 72% of all world leaders...and we're not taking them out.

This has a point, I promise.

By now, you're more than aware of what's going on in Pakistan--President Pervez Musharraf declared a "state of emergency", and her more or less suspended the constitution and jailed lawyers who would potentially protest this "state of emergency".

And, you know--this is one of our biggest allies in the "War on Terror". I fell asleep at 4 AM last night, just watching MSNBC talking heads pundit over what was going on.

The short of it? Not to be blunt, but it's scary shit. Come on--suspended the constitution. Can you imagine that happening here in America? Yes, Hawaii was under Marshall Law for most of World War II, and I used to buy into the high school history teacher's excuses for this--to support the war time effort. Now, though...there is just no reason for it. Not at all. I cannot agree with the suspension of the rights that our forefathers bestowed upon.

It just astounds me that our biggest ally would pull this. Musharraf isn't a good man--he took over via a coup and promised to hold elections when the country stabilized. It's been seven years, yet here he is, trying to hold on to power as long as he can by jailing prospective dissidents.

And I went to sleep upset. That was it. Fine, Dubya is now calling for Musharraf to call off the "state of emergency", but it's too late. The facade that we care about global democracy is now just completely obliterated. I always told myself, that as a IR major, my responsibility was to look at the world fairly and according to international relations theory. I just can't anymore, though. Dubya and his crew are just so full of it. I'm sad that I bought it for so long. It's just impossible to believe anything this current administration has to say about anything.

Yet, here they are, still running the country. Magnificent.

Read about this man--AQ Khan-
-and tell me that you're not sickened that Pakistan is still a huge ally. It's just disgusting.

Sit by idly, America. Our freedoms are next. I realize this post hardly says anything new (really, though, Khan should sicken you), but I just can't buy this crap that they're feeding us . I've joined the crew. I think it's past the point of being "fair" and not taking "cheap shots" at this administration--our foreign and domestic politics are such a farce that it'd be comedic if it wasn't so incredibly real and depressing.


And here's the video of the day:

Common "I Used to Love H.E.R."

Fine, maybe the concept is really played out now (don't worry, it'll be clear at the end of the song if you didn't get hammered by it throughout), but the beat is so fresh that the song is just too hard to not like.

And have you heard his song "Go"? The lyrics just creep me out...man. Too much information, if you ask me.