Thursday, August 23, 2007

paper planes

China is painting stuff again. This time, they aren’t coating children’s toys in lead paint…no, they’re painting over downed airplanes.

Japan Today reports (I know, Japan Today isn’t the greatest) that China Airlines painted over one of its planes that crashed.

It amazes me that the Japanese government allowed it, but they said that “the committed accepted the request as it determined it would not interfere with the ongoing investigation.”


Obviously, they’re trying to protect their image…by painting over it. It’s incredible that this story isn’t being more heavily reported, but such is the world. China is known for changing facts to make itself better, and this is no different…and with the 2008 Olympics coming up, a lot of things are being covered up.

I have no idea why Japan would play host to this sort of correction-ism. It should be more ashamed of itself. By painting over the symbol, China Airlines is trying to skirt the blame. Luckily, no one died.

But China Airlines isn’t even reimbursing them for the full cost of their tickets for their hardship. The passengers are going to receive $124 from China Airlines for surviving their plane bursting into flames.

Touche, China Airlines. We all complain about how bad security is and how long we wait on the tarmac and how long our flights are delayed—at least we don’t have to run for our lives at the end of the flight and be paid less than the full fare for doing so.

It just sickens me that China Airlines was allowed to paint over their own logo. That's all it comes down to, really.