Monday, August 6, 2007

New NSA Stuff

I'm having mixed feelings about the new eavesdropping law Bush signed the other day.

Reading The Book of Daniel (Doctorow) has got me thinking about capitalist conspiracies and how close America is to Fascism. I twirl it around in my head playfully, not with any thoughts of revolution, and find confidence in our justice system. I figure if I were to get arrested on shady charges or wrongfully accused the courts would back me up.

But that's me. I think the bigger issue is what happens to the people who are not middle class white people. The thought make me uncomfortable. Think about those people in Guantanamo right now who are held on meager charges but because of the same justice system I have confidence in can be held indefinitely without charge. That's just not OK.

I understand that these kind of measures are necessary for security. I just wish that they could be withheld until the shadier aspects of our system can be upgraded, you know, like the bridges.