Sunday, August 12, 2007

A Note Found in Jerusalem

Earlier this evening I arrived at the bustling Jerusalem bus station around 1030. buses had resumed running again (after Shabbat) and it was packed with people. I decided to walk the 20 minutes to the apartment because of the unusually strong breeze, something definitely worth taking advantage of. I saw a little store up ahead where at least 30 people were packed in, crowded and craning. Closer, I could tell they were watching something on the TV in the corner near the candy. Everyone was still. Too still. I was worried. People were standing with their arms crossed; people were biting their nails; people were nervously whispering to each other. Someone pointed at the screen and threw his hand up. I had heard about a bomb scare earlier in NYC. Great. There was a shooting in the old city on Friday. I budged in. Religious black hats blocked the TV and I couldn't see. I squirmed through. Here we go. I looked up. Yes. It was the Isreali soccer league's opening night. Beitar Yerushalayim in yellow and black stripes. Hapoel Tel Aviv in all red.

I bought an iced tea and began a cool walk home.