Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Stop me if you think you've heard this one before

Today's Washington Post has an article in which China calls for Japan to "face up" to history about its World War II comfort women/sex slaves.

My stance is the same: Japan must apologize, and it's good that more and more countries are calling for them to. But China needs to tread lightly, especially because they are on quite thin ice when it comes to violating human rights. Everyone should be upset by what happened and even more so by Abe's reaction, but one has to question China's ulterior motives. Are they attempting to put up the facade that they are against human rights violations when they allegedly harvesting the internal organs of Falun Gong members? Calling for the right corrective action is one thing; doing so to hide one's own faults is another beast altogether.

I know every government has many human rights violations and that there are things that every government has done that are quite embarrassing and morally wrong.
But, when a country is in the position of outing and calling for another nation to apologize, they should be more than frank about their own indiscretions, like the Great Leap Forward. as well as their response to the Tiananmen Square protests in 1989.

Japan needs to apologize. More countries need to get on their case for what was done, but after that, their definitely needs to be more worldwide transparency and honesty. I understand that my call is easier said than done, but if anyone is going to move forward, they need to come to terms with the past first.

China and the US are rightfully crusading against Japan's rape of thousands of women during World War II. They need to be willing to crusade against the ghosts of their own scoundrels, rapists and murderers afterwards as well.