Tuesday, March 27, 2007

the dream is gone but the baby is real.

So, over the past couple of weeks, I've heard many people say "You don't need to be successful. Bill Gates didn't go to college, and look at him! blahblahblah"

He went to Harvard for three years. I hardly think that's "not going to college." Not going to college is working at McDonalds after graduation and not stepping foot in anything remotely resembling a post-secondary school--university, community college, etc.

It's frustrating that people think that they can get away with saying things like this that are based in absolutely no truth whatsoever.

He didn't "finish" college--but people who use this "Bill Gates did not go to college" adage are trying to prove that the most brilliant people fly outside of the radar of conventional norms. This may be true--but their posterboy went to the very symbol of an elite hotbed of post-secondary school thought--Harvard University.

So, if people try to prove a point to you with a blatant falsity, call them out on it. Sometimes, we have to let things go--but when it flies in the face of the point that someone is trying to make, it is in everyone's best interest to correct them.

Saying that Bill Gates didn't go to college offends the success stories of people who did indeed excel without stepping foot inside of a school after completing their high school education.