Saturday, March 3, 2007

Ann Coulter Calling People Fags Again.

Ann Coulter continues to shock me. To Democrats, her name is typically synonymous with pure evil and ignorance. I suppose I simply underestimate just how far she will go.

The headline goes like this: "At CPAC, Ann Coulter Calls John Edwards A 'Faggot'" The article from The Nation continues with, "Discussing black Republicans, she declared, 'Our blacks are better than their blacks.'"

Here's some advice for you, Ann. Hateful, cheap comments diminish credibility, even among the people who could receive your message (see: Bigotry should not be part of your political agenda.

Ann Coulter's ignorance (and large following) is scary. But possibly more striking is her gross manipulation of the truth:

"There are more reputable scientists defending astrology than defending 'global warming,' but liberals simply announce that the debate has been resolved in their favor and demand that we shut down all production."

In this sentence she:

1) Denies the credibility of scientific research on global warming (in quotes to emphasize it as an idea and not a reality).
2) Uses "liberals simply announce" to play on partisanship.
3) Makes the completely false claim that liberals "demand that we shut down all production"

I can sum it up as simply an outrageous (


Honestly, more than probably anybody else I would like to say, "See! This proves it! All Conservatives are hate-filled liars!" But as the last (almost) two months have brought me to see Republicans from a different perspective, I must concede this point: Neither party should use one extremist as representative of a whole. Sure, we can hate CPAC for allowing her to speak (and therefore condoning her historically hateful views), some Conservatives for laughing and cheering at her highly offensive comment, and of course her and her views. But playing the "my party is better than yours" game is petty.

I have seen too many politicians (thank you, CSPAN) speak simultaneously of bi-partisanship and play the "we rule, they drool" game. It is dangerous. Elected officials are representing only a fraction of their constituents. Really think about that, really think about the cycle of representation that dictates your life and your America. I want a candidate who will take each issue, each bill, each vote for what it is and what's best for Americans. It's the reason I can simultaneously admire Russ Feingold and Susan Collins.

Pretty please?