Tuesday, March 18, 2008

we're computerizing, and, unfortunately, we just don't need you anymore.

(Joshua Masayoshi Huff)

Sorry that we've been bad at updating. No excuses (well, we have them, but I refuse to think any reason is really fitting enough for not updating)

So, first up: my current obsession with Janet Jackson's "Rock With You"

If you add up the plays on my iPod and iTunes, this is the most played song of all of my songs...and I've only had it for three days. It has somehow racked up over 100 plays. It perfectly meshes the warm yet distant keyboards of Junior Boys, the angular guitars of the Rapture, and the layered atmospherics of Boards of Canada.

You'd think that I was describing the best new indie band ever ( for at least for the next three weeks or so, anyway), but no...THIS IS JANET JACKSON

and it took awhile for me to connect the dots with the song her brother did..

Michael Jackson's "Rock With You"

Obviously the songs have the same title (except Janet's is updated and includes 1337 speak), but i'm not gonna say "oh, rofl, they're by a brother and a sister and they're both good dancers rofl". They have the same title. This is not a coincidence.

If you look closely at Janet's video, all of the dancers' outfits take cues from Michael's wardrobe--and most dancers are decked out in shoes very similar to Michael's in the "Rock With You" video.

ADDITIONALLY, Janet's song includes the line "shadows dancing on the wall". No big deal, except Michael's second biggest album after "Thriller" was named "Off the Wall"--and NOT coincidentally, this is the SAME album that Michael's "Rock with You" was on. The two aren't exactly the same--which why I think that Janet is taking a subtle jibe at her brother.

Janet is known for keeping her distance from her family and hasn't publicly supported Michael throughout his recent troubles.

And, come on--cool lighting is very prominent in both. Perhaps this one is reaching a bit, but come on, this is not coincidental.



Next up: Japan's ISPs are threatening to use "special detection software" to monitor which users are utilizing downloading programs.

I hope this does not happen in Japan, but I also hope that it does not happen here. Hopefully we all remember that we have the protection of the First Amendment.

Yes, sharing copyrighted music is illegal, but so too is infringing on the constitutional rights of citizen. If we tolerate this, a Big Brother 1984 police state is next.


And what is Eliot Spitzer's Kristen doing? Well, she's sold 2 million copies of her single through her myspace, apparently.


I've completed my latest electro slow mix, but we'll wait a bit so that everyone is back in town to get it first.