Monday, March 31, 2008

Not the Idea of the Post but the Post Itself

Somehow, I don't know, March is over? Man.

First things first. Has anyone heard this song and not liked it? I think it took two bass hits before I was taken. It's "American Boy" by Estelle ft. Kanye West:

For the record, "WAG" stands for "wives and girlfriends." As in, "hey look at all the Yankee WAGs. Is that Guy George sitting next to Jeter's chick?"

And what a show by Arsenal, a truly gutsy (and a bit lucky, it should be said) performance that reminds us (a) that 2-0 is the WORST lead to have in soccer, and (b) to never, never, leave a sports event early.

The way Arsenal kept their cool was probably due in part to their coach Arsene Wenger, who might well be the only person alive I'd give a limb just to have tea with.

And in NCAA women's swimming, Stanford coach Lea Maurer managed to keep the team's head in the competition despite a ridiculous gaffe on behalf of the NCAA judges that cost Stanford 32 points and, consequently second place. But the girls came through in classy fashion and finished third, ahead of blasted Cal. Here's a vid of the start.

Much credit goes out to Arizona, who put the meet away on the second day. They just dominated the meet with their freestylers, and became only the second team in history to win all the relays.

Anyway, off to April.