Monday, February 25, 2008


(Joshua Masayoshi Huff)

It's midterms out west and back east--sorry, everyone. I'm putting together a post of all the JJ mixes--and there are some that have never been put out that are being included. Soon, everyone. Soon.

First up: Slate says that the troop surge in Iraq is not a success. A few days ago, bsto said that he predicted (correctly) (and in the formative days of the JJ Collective) that the troop surge was necessary and would ultimately prove successful. Your response, bsto?

Next: A Moroccan man is being jailed for three years for starting a fake facebook profile for a member of the Saudi royal family. I am/used to be friends with so many awesome fake people on facebook--Kool Aid Man, Quail Man, Thierry Henry (multiple versions, actually) and Joan I find this kind of sad. Facebook was closing all of these profiles down--isn't that enough?

On one hand, in the case of the Moroccan man, it is a quasi case of impersonation, fraud and/or identity theft. On the other--it's facebook. I guess I would be really upset if there was a fake Joshua Masayoshi Huff (and for awhile, I freaked out because there was another Joshua Huff from Hawaii on facebook and thought that someone was pretending to be me), but I don't think I'd want anyone to go to jail for making a fake facebook me unless they used it to damage my reputation (or have I done this enough on my own already?).

Regardless, I have a solution: I am friends with almost every Joshua Huff on facebook. No joke. And since I friended all of them, they all started friending each other. I cannot take credit for this idea--it was my friend, in fact, jtam, who I stole this idea from. It's kind of weird to have another Joshua Huff wish you a happy birthday (it's happened each of the last two years) and strange to see status updates saying "Joshua Huff is getting ready for bible study"...because, no, I'm not--I'm sitting at my desk eating whipped cream out of the aerosol can watching Sportscenter.


Anyway. Thoughts on either? I believe we've got a lot to discuss here.


Oh, and did anyone see Oregon's wretched basketball jersey's against UCLA this weekend? These wouldn't have been that bad if the sequins were yellow..But black on black? Yeesh.