Friday, June 15, 2007

Israel Thoughts agin...Follow Follow Follow-Up

This is the latest on Israel.

Two important things to comment on:

(1) Practically, it is no coincidence that in less than 2 years after Israel pulled out its troops from Gaza a hostile government has been set-up. This would seem to prove its aggressive occupational policies are the most effective as for as keeping its citizens safe from Palestinian terrorists. This is no different than Israel's seizure of the Golan Heights--where, besides last summer's flare of violence, Israel's northern border has been more secure.

(2) Philosophically, we see yet another point for strength, aggressiveness, and non-peace. Hamas has taken over the government (something that is ideally meant to be fought over only ideologically) with nothing but sheer power. Likewise, Israel is not protected by anything except a like power.

A new reality may be fast approaching. It is one in which the West Bank (where Israel still has troops) remains mostly occupied and Gaza (now the Hamas-State) becomes a rogue state on Israel's border. Israel is screwed policy-wise. It has to do some serious locking down if it wants to secure the West Bank from a similar Hamas coup, and yet any strong action on Israel's part would do nothing except galvanize Anti-Israeli sentiment in the territories--at least theoretically contributing to Hamas's power.