Sunday, April 29, 2007

Mom, who do you love more? No, seriously, it's me right?

Dear 2008 Democratic presidential candidates,

Can I embrace all of you at the same time, give you each ten dollars and my public support via Facebook? I fear I will end up in such a fervent dilemma that I will end up not voting and pray to God that the American people will pick the right person. Perhaps I will put all of your names in a bag and draw one out (three-out-of-five of course in order to be fair). I’m addressing you guys: Hillary, Barack, John, Joe, Chris, Bill, and whoever else jumps on the bandwagon. I love all of you, just like mom says, equally.

Sarah Kang

Who do I think will be the best president? Well, definitely NOT John McCain. And not that either of these kids have a chance but NOT Duncan Hunter or Sam Brownback (although he supposedly might eliminate cancer). Mitt Romney’s distracting good looks, squeaky clean record, and perfect presidential voice confuse me until I realize I am anti-almost everything he stands for (especially after he backtracked on a woman's right to choose). I could go further but suffice it to say that I have some degree of hate or dislike for all of the Republican candidates.

Back to the Dems. Joe Biden has an excellent presidential aura. Hillary reminds me of a hyper-cheesy, ultra-political robot with heavy under-eye circles. Her glib responses and speeches turn me off sometimes, but her credentials and platform are NICE. Barack is that sexy, intelligent populist, but after a while you realize that his campaign has been just as political as Hillary’s. (See: Statement on homosexuality being immoral) He just delivers that "This campaign is about you" thing with more credibility than Hillary and her "Let's make this a conversation".

John Edwards—-five minutes of listening to him and you are willing to buy whatever he’s selling. I turn to him when I get really fed up with Hil and Bar. He’s actually much more populist than Barack (with his membership to every online community in existence, the One Corps, and the multifaceted blog). Chris Dodd is really likeable, although I cringe when he swipes his tongue across his lips throughout his speeches. I mean, all of us (people in general) get chapped lips, and it could be a nervous habit, but I’m watching a close-up of your face so I implore you to spare me. Those eyebrows too... 'Nuff said. Bill Richardson is a wealth of experience without any charisma whatsoever.

It’s difficult. I also forgot to mention that minor but significant predilection for the woman or the minority candidates. I wish that wasn't a factor. Also, I don’t really think Dodd or Biden can sell. Also, it’s so early in the game. It’s hard because it’s like really enjoying baseball, but having no team to root for and furthermore, kind of enjoying every team. And you know that when you finally do "pick a team", you won't really support the best team, but the team that you feel most superficially connected to. Sucks.