Sunday, April 8, 2007

the first Building JJ Collective soundtrack.

So here, within this very post, is the first Building JJ Collective soundtrack. If you don't enjoy rap music, don't fret--the music on this collection is entirely instrumental (mostly ambient...but jazz lounge lovers will enjoy Air's "La Femme d'Argent"...the Kings of Convenience tracks are not instrumental, but they sound like Simon and Garfunkel and are not going to be unpleasant to anyone's ears). This soundtrack is perfect for the work place, deep thought, the ride home, going to bed--pretty much anything.

I've been working on this for awhile--I used to love making playlists and lists of random things and songs, and I decided to put together a soundtrack for a film.

This film has no real premise or anything of the sort (this fact either makes this playlist less pretentious or incredibly pretentious, but that's not important), but the two Kings of Convenience songs are meant to book-end the film.

"Failure" is meant to open, and the film's protagonists are meant to wake up to their bustling city lives to this track, look out their windows and either be depressed about the gloomy state of things or have a false sense of hope about the direction and prospects of their lives.

“Winning the Battle, Losing the War” is a fitting end—ultimately, I’ve decided, the film’s ending not be a cheery one, and the tone of the song makes it sound almost cyclical, and one would have no problem having the film start over again. I realize that the last song is the Field’s “A Paw in My Face”, but that’s the song that I envision playing over the credits.

It may take a while, but don't fret: it's worth it.

Anyway, here it is. Download.

You are going to need to extract the winrar file, and if you do not have an extractor, I have provided a link to download a trial winrar unzipper. Cheers.

You’re going to need to re-order the playlist after you download it and unzip it. Here is the order in which the tracks are meant to be played:

Kings of Convenience “Failure”
Mogwai “Yes! I Am a Long Way from Home”
A Sunny Day in Glasgow “No.6 Von Karman Street
Do Make Say Think “End of Music
Tim Hecker “Song of the Highwire Shrimper”
Explosions in the Sky “First Breath After Coma”
M83 “Unrecorded”
Hammock “Will You Ever Love Yourself?”
Broken Social Scene “Guilty Cubicles”
Air “Ce Matin-La”
Squarepusher “Iambic 9 Poetry”
Explosions in the Sky “Greet Death”
Hammock “The Air Between Us”
Mogwai “I Know You Are But What Am I?”
Radiohead “Treefingers”
Explosions in the Sky “Your Hand in Mine”
Phoenix “North”
Hammock “Before the Celebration”
Tortoise “It’s All Around You”
Boards of Canada “Macquarie Ridge”
Tim Hecker “I’m Transmitting Tonight”
M83 “Gone”
Air “La Femme d’Argent”
Squarepusher “Tommib Help Buss”
Mogwai “Stop Coming to My House”
Kings of Convenience “Winning a Battle, Losing the War”
The Field “A Paw in My Face”

Hope you enjoy it. Feedback would be greatly appreciated.