Wednesday, February 21, 2007


The point of the blog is to create conversation. We appreciate comments. Here are my rebuttals:

To the point about crystal meth: I never once said that locking people up is the answer. I think rehabilitation is clearly the right path to take. Obviously, the problem with drugs in Hawaii is enormous--just a few months ago, a teacher at Leilehua was arrested for selling meth on campus. This needs to be solved with something other than locking people up--I agree. But what can be done? All of the television networks play that meth documentary, and while cheesy documentaries don't get the point across, what do you suggest? You've got a lot of bones to pick with the some of the answers, but you don't have any answers of your own (very similar to the Democrats). Rehabilitation is the fix, but if the government can't even get a rail transit system, the West O'ahu UH campus or a new prison built, how are they going to COMPLETELY OVERHAUL the prison system?

The prison "problem" isn't one of "not in my backyard"--it's one of overcrowding. We have to build new prisons, and doing so will require planning and space. When looking for this land, everyone is going to want it built somewhere as far from where they live as possible. It isn't an "elite" point of view--people in Waianae don't want a prison across the street from their homes. Are they "elite"? Let's get real, here. No one is going to be ecstatic to have a prison in their neighborhood. Don't pull that collegiate, anti-establishment pretentious "elite" talk--be honest with yourself.

And if you really do feel like it is an elite point of view, call Governor Lingle's office. I'm sure she'd be happy to hear that there is a location where she can build the new state prison.

And about housing: We're already getting hosed on rent in Foggy Bottom. We pay more than any of the independent apartments right across the street from us. It's not expensive because we're living downtown--it's expensive because the school marks it up. The "breadbasket" price for a comparable apartment in the same area is much less. I've written about housing issues before (here) and have done my research. Foggy Bottom is by no means the nicest area in town, but one would think so based on the prices that we pay.

I understand that people should have to pay more for nice houses in nice areas, but should they have to pay more money just to have the right to pay rent? That was my original point, which you don't seem to have addressed.