Monday, February 9, 2009

Blah Blah New Music Blah Blah Your Face


Adele won best new artist or sumtin last night at the Gramsauce so it just shows my knack for falling in love with party shuffle songs that catch my attention mid-studying. Take, for example, this thingy I put up on my fb wall last week:

Why'd it catch my attention? Maaaan, as soon as you hear those opening hits you just FEEL Biggie coming at you in "Dead Wrong." That's a disgusting song, with lyrics as brutal as the lyricist's death, but it's also an epic beat. This video is hilarious (a) because it's cornier than Hugh Grant, and (b) like 75% of the words are bleeped out. Dig this version, with a super young Eminem keeping up with heinous lyrics of his own:

So you can tell why I love that Adele version so much. It not only takes what was so good about the Gangsta Era (the music) and adds to it; it also takes you by surprise with the inventive use of an old beat--which is to say, it is a damn good remix.

Good work, Kickdrums.

Good work, JJers.

Happy Monday, or sumtin.